Al Rydant

alHuman/Cultural Geographer from Keene State College. ¬†Taught geography at KSC during 4 different decades. ¬†Placed great emphasis on bringing the students to the world. ¬†Was an inveterate leader of field courses, and often synthesized his trips with colleagues from the United Kingdom. ¬†Under Al’s leadership, students gained life changing experiences and lifelong memories in travels throughout the southwest United States as well as in the¬†countries of¬†Thailand, Ecuador, Spain, Chile and so many more! ¬†Al was awarded Keene State College’s Distinguished Teacher Award¬†as well as its¬†Distinguished Scholar Award. A multi-year chair of the department, Al’s¬†leadership, sense of humor, teaching excellence, and friendship was always appreciated. ¬†Happy retirement to Dr. Al Rydant! ¬†(Retired in 2015)